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An extreme expedition to your deepest core

1 April 2023

In essence, leadership is survival with your team. Achieving results, beating the competition, overcoming adversity, inspiring and motivating employees, working together under difficult circumstances. A group of professionals is no guarantee for success. Do you get everything out of it? What else does your team have to offer?

Make more impact in your business

Allied Forces has developed the Jungle Challenge for boards of directors, management teams and business leaders, an extreme expedition to your deepest core, including in the jungle of Ghana. The journey provides deep insight into yourself and each other. With the unique experience you make a significant impact in your business.

Back to basics

Back to basics is another gentle expression for the mental and physical challenges that we have set out in a very well thought-out 10-day program. The highlight is a six-day stay in the Ghanaian jungle, where you will push boundaries. Experienced former Marines and local wildlife rangers guide the group through challenging situations.

An experience for life

How powerful are you really when you have to carry out tasks hungry and tired? That confrontation is a valuable experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. We link that on-site experience to your business challenges. The output is a concrete individual or team plan to exceed your objectives, which you can start immediately after returning to the Netherlands.

Personal growth

The Jungle Challenge challenges participants to use their qualities to the maximum and to deal with their pitfalls as best as possible. Accelerated self-knowledge, which is the basis of personal growth. You show your true nature when resilience and stability are required. What role do you play, what is your leadership, how do you work together?

Look at the program:

Phase 1: Preparation including a quality test, a development plan, two coaching sessions and an extensive briefing about your jungle journey. You prepare your equipment, which is thought out to the gram. The first challenges are already intertwined in this phase. You will spend a total of two days preparing.

Phase 2: In Ghana, the experienced guides will welcome you. Time to rest briefly and acclimatize, because it is hot and humid. The next day you will receive lessons in safety and vitality on the beach. We confront you with the first challenges. In the evening you stay in a tree house, 30 meters above the ground. The following four days and nights you will trek into the jungle under supervision. Not a pre-made walk, but a journey full of leadership or team challenges and improvisation. In the camp you have to make do with a tent, sleeping bag and mosquito net. At least, as long as you have it. At the end of this jungle journey, we reflect on the answers the jungle has given you and together we make a concrete business plan, a mission that you carry out in the Netherlands with military precision.

Phase 3: Back in the Netherlands, we help you through three powerful sessions to achieve and exceed your goals in 3 months.

Phase 4: After 1.5 months we come together again as a group to share experiences and look back on an unforgettable expedition. You have learned lessons for life and built a precious network. Together we discuss the progress of your mission and celebrate successes. Any healthy person can participate in the Jungle Challenge; no specific physical or mental condition is required. Ghana is a stable and safe country with a beautiful, versatile jungle. The best jungle experts in the world will guide you. But challenging and confrontational, that’s for sure!

Curious about this unique Jungle Challenge? Register as an interested party and we will be happy to contact you.