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Laurens van Geffen

As an officer in the Marine Corps, Laurens van Geffen worked under extreme conditions around the world. That experience stimulated his resilience and the conviction to get everything out of life. Laurens has built a strong track record in HR, with a strategic broadening in digital. As a leader, coach and trainer, he has a firm, personal vision and always finds a pragmatic balance between soft and hard skills.

In various profit and non-profit organisations, Laurens has led many organisational and cultural change processes, from positions in HR, finance and IT. He also founded the Meaning Leadership Institute, a network organisation focused on sustainable change of business, lifestyle and perspective. Laurens sees (in)visible talents in teams and organisations, which he authentically brings to the surface.

As an executive coach, Laurens guides individuals in finding their purpose in life, as their most intrinsic motivation. He thinks fast and is action-oriented, but always with healthy realism and loyalty to the whole.

Laurens is married and has two beautiful daughters. Being in nature and surrounded by animals is an important factor for him to live consciously free.