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Michel Bekkering

After more than thirty years, Michel Bekkering left the Marine Corps in 2020 with a ‘functional age discharge’. He had a fantastic time there with a lot of variation in functions and roles, first as a general marine and later as a specialist in communication and information systems (CIS). Numerous deployments and very diverse placements have shaped Michel into who he is today and what he stands for.

As a non-commissioned officer in the Marine Corps, Michel led very driven specialists, both in ‘peace operations’ and during deployments. At the training center, he developed education for these specialists.

Michel stands by his word and also likes to see that in others: Openness, honesty, and clarity are, according to Michel, the core concepts of a well-oiled organization. From bottom to top and vice versa. Leading by putting those core values at the forefront and radiating them yourself.

In his eyes, you create loyal and productive teams by giving and taking opportunities, including appropriate training, guidance, and the opportunity to gain experience. Appreciation in various ways is just as important as sincere feedback.

Michel is married and has two adult children. He enjoys walking, cycling, winter sports, and traveling. In addition, he is a handy DIY enthusiast, who also does professional ‘side jobs’. Sitting still is not an option, so Michel is happy to commit himself (in various roles) to Allied Forces’ clients.