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Paul van Schaik

Realizing Seemingly Impossible Ambitions

For over 20 years, Paul van Schaik has been guiding (international) teams and organizations in achieving seemingly unattainable ambitions. For instance, he supported the NS as Program Director for five years, aiding in their most significant operational performance improvement. He has encapsulated his philosophy on ‘breakthrough performance’ in three books. His latest publication is titled: Leidinggeven met en zonder Ego. A Compact and Practical Approach for Leaders Willing to Reflect on Themselves.

“When faced with a seemingly impossible ambition, especially when even the board doubts its feasibility, that’s when I’m at my best. The ambition, the goal, is what you need to rally everyone behind. With perseverance, you seek common ground and develop the team. From a very strategic level to the most practical, right down to the most critical details on the shop floor.”

After various experiences at Nijenrode, Paul earned his Masterscience in General Management. He has a unique ability to empathize with teams facing challenging tasks. Over the past eight years, he has integrated the military’s philosophy on leadership, strategy implementation, and team development into his approach. “In my projects, I also emphasize focus, ownership, execution, and regular debriefing.” The extreme ownership concept of the Navy Seals inspired Paul to collaborate with Allied Forces. Paul is a certified Six Sigma Blackbelt, team coach, and Scrum Master.

Paul is a people-oriented and results-driven leadership coach and trainer. “In the end, it’s always about love for people, doing it together with curiosity about potential and compassion for shortcomings.” He is married and a father of two sons. In his daily life, he enjoys drinking coffee, watching great movies, and spending time in nature.