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Our story

You can do so much more than you think. As an individual, as a team and as an organisation. When everything and everyone comes together in an ambitious mission, you book results which hadn’t been held possible. Then the noise disappears and passion for the trade, for each other and the impact you make is created. That is the secret of a high performing culture. Allied Forces has developed a unique working method, inspired by the philosophy of the Marine Corps.

At Allied Forces we don’t usually go for a little more or better, but for fundamental change. A sustainable successful working method, which we firmly embed within the company’s culture. Only when we are given this space, we will take up the challenge. Then we will analyse the status quo and start a change. Focused on behaviour and result, based on our scientifically sound framework. This way we make soft factors transparent adamantly. The real situation of an organisation will appear irrevocably.

Fundamental change means: Making possible what seemed to be impossible. That sounds magical, but it is mainly a matter of awareness. We shine a light on the potential within an organisation. Once you realise this, you can break established patterns and set complete new goals. To get there, we take away the noise: an accumulation of assumptions, disappointments, frustrations, expectations. You get to know and fully trust yourself and each other again. You truly are together.


Added value of experiential learning

Our programmes are a collective quest: participants especially learn through experience. Experiential learning has a proven added value: it resonates longer and has more impact. In addition we are unable to approach it differently, because we create a movement from head to heart to gut. Fundamental change also is a spiritual process from and between people. You can’t learn this from a book, you need to experience it.

How do you know you are connected with each other? By embarking on new territory together, and by rising to the challenge vulnerable and open-minded, we lay the foundations for connection. Allied Forces lets you experience it and puts it into practice. Then it will become natural behaviour, of a team that makes the impossible possible.