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First and foremost, Allied Forces is a network of clients and employees, connected by our philosophy. New initiatives arise from this network. Some we incorporate into Allied Forces, others require their own platform. Allied Forces actively participates, but the companies sustain themselves.

The Allied Impact

Essentially, private equity firms and venture capitalists invest in business opportunities and the teams behind them. To become successful in a short time, these teams must excel in both hard and soft skills. This doesn’t happen by itself. We understand the mindset of both the investor and the startup. And we know what’s needed to build a solid Human Capital Foundation. In a well-defined program, we develop leadership and a high-performing culture.
However, at The Allied Impact, we feel a responsibility that goes beyond the individual companies we work with. Our higher purpose is to reinvest in startups and scale-ups that aim for a positive social and societal impact (in addition to a healthy financial result). In other words: We want to put our profits to work for the better.