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Increase your impact, improve your business

Fundamental impact

At Allied Forces we don’t go for a little more or better, but for fundamental, sustainable change. A proven working method, which we firmly anchor in the corporate culture. Only when we are given that space will we accept the challenge. Then we analyze the status quo and start a culture program, based on our scientifically sound framework. In this way we make soft factors transparent. The actual situation of an organization emerges irrevocably.

Unprecedented results

You achieve results that are considered impossible when four crucial elements are aligned: individual, team, task and context. If they are in balance, you make a fundamental impact. This is how High Performing Organizations work.


Teams that have confidence in themselves, in each other and the task, are particularly well suited to the environment, external factors, in other words: the context in which they work. When the three elements are in balance, the team can handle any context.


A team is a group of individuals who trust each other, where they feel safe. That is the foundation on which high performance is built. In such a team, the power of ‘I’ and ‘we’ is unconditional.


Who am I and why am I who I am? You must be able to answer those essential questions. In our approach, beliefs and belief systems are let go. There is unconditional space for ‘I’.

Role, task & assignment

If you know who you are and know each other’s strengths and challenges, everyone can perform optimally based on their responsibility. And if it is clear what you want to achieve and why it is important, team members can take extreme ownership.

Circle of success

Our offer is organized around four essential focus areas: organizational development, leadership & culture, learning & development and digital solutions. We can offer that circle to measure, tailored to the situation and always in balance.

Leadership & Culture

Effective leadership influences culture for 40 percent. When teams use their potential, a sustainable culture is created that allows you to make a real impact. It may seem like an elusive concept, but we make culture very tangible.

Learning & Development

Our philosophy focuses on experiential learning. It is the most powerful form of learning and development, enabling true transformation. We combine new experiences with deep reflection and evaluation in the moment.

Digital solutions

Self-developed applications support our programs. The tooling reinforces the development of behavior and results.

Organisation development

Change often requires a new organizational model, a new way of working. Once the strategy is in place, it really starts: We support the choice, development and design of the right structure and culture.

For whom?

Allied Forces focuses on various sectors with specialized teams. The specific knowledge enables quick connection and provides a solid basis for trust.