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De Boorder Advocaten about Allied Forces

5 July 2020

De Boorder Advocaten has been guided by Allied Forces for some time now. Below is a passage about their experience in ‘Advocatenblad’.

Marjoleine de Boorder, founder: 

‘We don’t want to make plans that go into a drawer. Allied Forces helps us develop a strategy and monitors whether we are implementing it. Say what you do and do what you say.’ Armand van Velzen, founder of Allied Forces: ‘When you’re on a mission, you have to be able to rely on each other. Rank and ego don’t count. The best results are achieved when each team member does what he does best. You can put that in a plan, but no plan survives first contact: as soon as you start implementing it, everything changes. So you have to continuously adapt to changes.”

What De Boorder himself learned thanks to Allied Forces?

‘To really form a team, everyone is equally important, from support to partners. When I, as a founder, stand above everyone else, we will not get any further. I also learned what real ownership means, taking responsibility.” Van Velzen explains: “Don’t blame someone else if something goes wrong, but always ask yourself what you could have done to improve the situation. . If the leaders do that consistently and
then the whole team too, you don’t have any hassle between you anymore.’

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