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Investor Owned Companies

As part of the Allied Forces Group, The Allied Impact works with start-ups, scale-ups, VCs and Private Equity firms. We build a solid Human Capital foundation for high-growth organisations, making them a magnet for the best talent. In short, we develop the ‘soft stuff’ to make business promises successful. Because “soft is hard”.

We focus on leaders, on creating high-trust teams, building a sustainable culture and embedding processes to set and achieve goals. We do this with a structured and flexible leadership and team development programme. That programme consists of building blocks that fit all aspects of high-growth companies. And that have proven themselves amply in practice.

The team at The Allied Impact consists of a unique mix of experienced entrepreneurs, leadership & team experts, hands-on managers and, above all, passionate people. They know the business and bring a lot of hands-on experience.

Our ultimate goal is to reinvest our profits in start-ups and scale-ups that contribute to positive social and environmental impact in addition to financial returns. In other words: We want to use our profits for a better world. By the way; we prefer to link our fees to the ultimate success of the companies we partner with. Skin-in-the-game: If we win together, we share in the profits. Otherwise, we bear the loss together.


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