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A sustainable improvement culture starts with the High Performance Analysis

29 November 2020

If an organization has to change – and that is increasingly becoming a constant – it comes down to culture. Research by Boonstra (2013) shows that 70% of change processes fail due to insufficient attention to the organizational culture. With a broadly supported improvement culture you can take on any challenge, as Allied Forces partner Anton van den Berg demonstrates with his unique, scientifically validated tool.

The germ of the High Performance Analysis, as the tool is called, lies in Curaçao. There Anton was Head of Training at the Royal Navy. It was 2014 and after the privatization of the island, a cultural change had to be brought about. Anton led that project. “The organization switched from a system with more or less automatic promotions to a competence-oriented structure. The potential and work behavior of individuals were noticed and rewarded more quickly, which was an example for the new way of working. No longer the number of years of service counted, but the competences and work behavior. Of course, that gave rise to resistance, which is very useful if you manage the process well.” The High Performance Analysis has been successfully deployed by Allied Forces at dozens of companies.

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