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Venturerock joins forces with Allied Forces

20 January 2022

“We develop High Performing Teams that use their scalable potential”

90% of startups fail within 5 years. A common reason is that they don’t have the right team on board. The dynamics of the individual and the team can influence the potential of the company, because each growth phase requires different capabilities from the team. We reinvent investing, building and scalable innovation of startups at Venturerock. With Allied Forces as a partner, we have set up a groundbreaking Minimal Viable Team framework. “After a year of working closely with the team at Venturerock, we are excited to collaborate on next-gen global tech companies, delivering economic, social and environmental impact,” said Laurens van Geffen, partner at Allied Forces.

By cultivating high performance in the organizations, we open the door to scalability. Our approach is a revolutionary step forward in relation to traditional venture capital models. “I have seen many teams fail due to a lack of focus and execution. We need to change the way we build and select teams. This will help us enormously”, according to Marc Wesselink, one of the co-founders of Venturerock. “We design startup teams with the right expertise, skills and knowledge, across different fields and business lines”. Allied Forces applies Special Forces principles to individuals, teams and organizations. In this way we help build resilient and scalable organizations that fully utilize their Human Capital Performance.

The Venturerock & Allied Forces minimum viable team framework

The Allied Forces Human Capital Performance framework works parallel to the 72 steps of the revolutionary Venturerock OS©. It focuses on The Minimal Viable Team as the cornerstone of successful breakthroughs, with 5 essential success factors:

1. Reaching the Future State

The Future State is a clear and shared vision of what a team or an organization wants to achieve and why that is important for the organization in general. It is often a challenge for teams to realize the vision and strategically align the behavior of team members. However, it is essential for the success of a growing organization.

2. The concept of High Performing Team

The right combination of people in a startup creates a symbiosis that is often described as flow. In such an environment, each team member feels confident and respected while staying focused on the ultimate goal. A High Performing Team has the ability to constantly evaluate and innovate, adapt and overcome any challenge.

3. Developing a culture of Extreme Ownership

“Trust and extreme ownership as the foundation of impactful cultures enable founders, teams and entire organizations to achieve impossible achievements,” says Laurens.

In a dynamic, changing environment, teams are expected to work flexibly, proactively, innovatively and strategically. By cultivating a culture of extreme ownership, startup teams take accountability for their progress and ownership of their results. When the culture is embedded in the DNA of the organization, team members can solve challenges quickly, operate creatively and inventively, unlocking their full potential.

4. Achieving Full Venture Potential

A team is only as strong as the strength of each individual member. It starts with knowing yourself, recognizing everyone’s strengths and how they relate to the qualities of the rest. Allied Forces’ Human Performance Analysis© maps out how to maximize a team’s potential with matchmaking of strong attributes within the team’s dynamics. By measuring the visible and invisible potential of individuals, we build successful teams and organizations, as allies.

5. Identifying & Addressing the Must Win Battles (MWB)

MWBs consist of three to five important focus areas (battles) that an organization must win in order to reach the Future State. The Must Win Battles focus on product, customers or the market and determine the difference in the growth of a company. They are driven by passion, are concrete, specific and above all essential to achieve more business impact and to reach the Future State.

People are the most valuable asset of any company. Creating a work culture that embeds trust and safety in the DNA of the organization plays an important role in the development of leadership, team and individual performance. Involvement and ownership are increased in high performing cultures; teams show exceptional results through all growth phases.

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About Allied Forces

Allied Forces creates a winning culture within organizations. We dare to push boundaries, which is essential for continuity and growth. Making mistakes is part of that, within established frameworks. Diversity and understanding each other’s talents and personalities are essential for any team, including ours. Our team has built up a broad knowledge and experience within Defense and the business world. And we have highly specialized in-house knowledge of cultural and organizational development and psychology.

About Venturerock

Venturerock is an Impact Venture Builder and ecosystem of founders, backers and builders. Together we transformed the venture capital model into a capital construction model. We have combined technology and our experience in accelerating 700+ startups to develop a new-age venture operating system – Venturerock OS® – to systematically guide companies from early-stage startups to fully compliant scale-ups. With a focus on deep tech and deep impact, we advance technology, science and innovation to co-create and grow the next-gen of global tech companies that bring economic, social and environmental impact.