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Anne Begeman

People are open to change, but they don’t want to be forced to change. This is a fundamental principle in the work of social psychologist Anne Begeman. She focuses on creating more enjoyable organizations where people feel at ease and work with more enthusiasm and energy. In this way, individuals, teams, and organizations can achieve even greater results. Anne believes in appreciative inquiry: emphasizing everyone’s strengths and developing from existing successes, rather than focusing on what’s going wrong. The recurring outcome is that people approach tasks with vigor, and organizations flourish.

In the design and execution of development programs, Anne supports the Allied Forces team. For instance, during offsites, she provides real-time feedback during team challenges and conducts coaching sessions. Anne says, “I’m captivated by human behavior. Where does it originate, and how can you guide it? I love to delve deep, research, and observe. The focus consistently remains on team development and leadership within the context of an organization. This approach aligns closely with the philosophy of Allied Forces. So, it’s not surprising that I immediately felt a connection with these people.

A unique specialty of Anne’s is overseeing relocation processes: “These are fantastic opportunities to also ‘move’ an organization mentally in terms of cultural development. How can you collaborate more effectively and tap into the potential of the entire group? If you recognize where that potential lies, you can specifically tailor the environment to it and allow people to grow through their behavior.”