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Rik Uiterwijk

Rik Uiterwijk has over 25 years of experience in leadership development. Since 1996, he has been working independently as a consultant, facilitator, and coach. He has held various interim management positions and has guided both national and international teams and organizations in their growth and development.

Rik’s expertise lies in actively supporting the development of individuals and organizations in areas such as communication, commerce, leadership, and change management. The central question is: How do you communicate, how do you guide yourself, and how do you connect with others? By giving people insight into their impact and influence, he teaches them to meet and even exceed the expectations of their environment.

His professional perspective has been significantly influenced by an international upbringing in various countries, from England and Germany to Abu Dhabi. As a political scientist, he has developed a perspective on influence and power, which helps him identify untapped qualities and the causes of stagnating development. Since 2015, Rik has been contributing to Allied Forces, bringing his characteristic passion, creativity, and enthusiasm. With a friendly yet confrontational approach, he is known for breaking through limiting beliefs.

Rik is married, a father of three children, and a grandfather of two grandchildren. He shares hobbies like tennis and winter sports with his family.