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Dennis van Huizen

Dennis worked for 20 years in the Defense sector and was primarily active in operations and training & education within the Marine Corps. In addition, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Sciences. As a trainer in leadership and team performance, Dennis collaborates with Allied Forces to build a “winning culture within teams.”

“Armand and Anton are former colleagues of mine. We’ve known each other since our time at the Royal Naval College (KIM) in Den Helder, where we underwent officer training. A few years ago, Armand and I executed a High Performance Team program for the Dutch men’s hockey team on behalf of the Marine Corps. That experience planted the seed for me to focus entirely on team guidance.”

The philosophy of Allied Forces particularly resonates with him: “The power of connection is a foundation for success. This aligns perfectly with how I perceive teamwork and how I experienced it during my career with the Marine Corps. Team unity is essential to achieve top performance. That’s primarily what I focus on when I start with a team: getting to know each other better, building trust, setting clear goals, and creating ownership over them.”

“I’ve repeatedly observed that once this foundation is established, results naturally follow. Moreover, we cultivate a motivating work atmosphere, leveraging everyone’s strengths. This is also the environment where I thrive the most. Additionally, the rapport with the Allied Forces team was instantly positive. There’s been trust and transparency from the start.”

“Besides my passion for leadership and team performance, I adore my wife Renée, our two children, family and friends, my road and mountain bike, and the ceramic barbecue.”