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Carmen Altena

As a technical business administrator, Carmen chose an unconventional path early in her career. She sought adventure and purpose in a significant logistics project for Doctors Without Borders, which she had sponsored by her then-employer KPMG. In this way, she combined ‘mind’ with ‘heart’. Carmen traveled to Kenya and Sudan, where she was confronted with war, insecurity, and powerlessness. There, she realized she needed to better connect with her emotions, a life-changing experience. This shaped her current career trajectory.

Carmen pursued training as a body-oriented psychotherapist, followed by training as a Core Coach. Largely influenced by her son with Down syndrome, she developed a keen sense for the unseen, the energy within and between people. “Through the body, I connected with my feelings, without the interference of the mind. As a trainer, holistic/systemic/energetic coach, and therapist, I apply various methods, always aiming to bridge the gap between emotion and intellect. And you do that with the heart. Those who learn to trust their feelings enhance their self-confidence and influence. This allows for easier, more efficient, and enjoyable living and working. Ultimately, it’s not about what you do, but how you do it.”

With all the partners at Allied Forces, there was an immediate connection, in very different ways. “What I find most valuable is the mutual appreciation and openness to different perspectives. And the willingness to examine one’s own contributions and blind spots and to grow together.

This is what I also do with teams and individuals. I read the dynamics and help make visible and tangible what is still invisible, intangible, and unknown. This often brings great uncertainty for teams and individuals. Especially since the mind cannot (yet) understand it. In this, I teach people to trust so they can explore and deepen. This is a prerequisite for genuine growth.”