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Jeroen Offermans

Jeroen Offermans is not just a trainer and systemic coach but also a serial entrepreneur and investor. This rich experience provides him with the knowledge and conviction to help leaders and entrepreneurs “truly reach the top.” Jeroen often uses this metaphor, given his passion for mountain and climbing sports, in which he founded both a travel organization and a globally operating training agency for highly specialized units of police and defense.

“Explore your inner world, conquer the outer world.” That’s Jeroen’s life motto. After many successful ventures in the entrepreneurial world, he delved into the psychology behind it. What interplays intrapersonally and interpersonally in the undercurrents of organizations? “As a trainer and coach, I can also deeply empathize with the hard side of entrepreneurship: the KPIs, processes, etc. Through my own journey, I can inspire others. This includes leaders in organizations who seek connection with the team and the organization from a place of self-connection.”

His passion for mountain and skiing sports led Jeroen to entrepreneurship. He started a specialized travel organization, which then began to ‘branch out’. “It also became a training agency for special defense and police units working at high altitudes. For instance, anti-terrorism units trained for climbing in urban areas and on ships.”

In his collaboration with Allied Forces, Jeroen aims to challenge the worldviews of trainees. “I want to connect people and business based on ambitious growth, passionate collaboration, and the actual realization of your dreams.”