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Ruud Zahradnik

Ruud Zahradnik has spent almost his entire life working with the Marine Corps. There, he had the opportunity to develop in a very versatile manner and frequently collaborate with different defense units. Flexibility and adaptability were essential in this context, as were his specializations in sports, military assistance, and collegial networking.

Ruud has a strong desire to contribute to the development of powerful qualities in others based on his knowledge, expertise, and experience. “This allows people to be happier with themselves, be good to their surroundings, and deliver valuable performances.”

As a running & recovery trainer at a football club, co-organizer of the FLO gathering in Den Helder, and co-founder of the Post Active Network Royal Navy, he also wants to be socially active for the community. Ruud is married to Anita; they have two sons who have also chosen sports education. Sport plays a significant role in the family, both in practice and guidance. In addition to this, Ruud also enjoys music and brewing beer (as a counterbalance to the sports addiction).