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Tim Mulder

After finishing high school, Tim Mulder decided to study International Business. He had no clear vision of the future, but he was drawn to the idea of collaborating with different cultures and building great companies. Due to two years affected by the coronavirus, the international aspect of his studies was initially limited to digital contacts. Still, it brought Tim a lot. “I wanted to learn more about the role and dynamics of people within organizations.”

In his third year, it was time for an internship. Through a mutual acquaintance, Tim got in touch with Allied Forces. “I set up a meeting with Laurens van Geffen. We took a walk in Zeewolde for an hour, and there was a great connection. There was ample opportunity for me to find my place. And I really enjoyed it. For six months, I supported everyone and everything in a broad sense. There was a lot to do; the company was growing rapidly. I loved that because I’m proactive, see opportunities, and like to get things done.”

Tim enjoyed it so much that he was offered a contract. “I’m graduating, and I also want to pursue a Master’s degree, but in the meantime, I’m working at Allied Forces. Just like during my internship, I provide support, for instance, during offsites and team days for our clients.

Consultants should be able to fully focus on the team; I handle everything in the background. And I’ve already been able to make some improvements to work faster and more efficiently. The less repetitive work, the more attention for the client.”

Tim is surrounded by experienced consultants and trainers. “It’s truly a delight. I see and hear so many valuable practical lessons, and I store them all in my toolkit.

The group dynamics are always fascinating. I know I have a long way to go to reach that level. But in the meantime, I keep myself busy. I’m also a DJ and a national referee in hockey. In those teams, I recognize a lot about leadership and dynamics. It’s wonderful.”