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Ellen van Beemen-Gerretsen

She retired as Chief HR Officer at the law firm De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, after a career in which she handled arbitration cases as a lawyer and led various reorganization processes. After 13 years at the Zuidas, Ellen van Beemen-Gerretsen will now work at the Zuidas. That is to say, the high performing culture in the most prestigious business district in the Netherlands. Together with Allied Forces, of course.

“I never had the desire to become a partner at a law firm. There is more to life, I’ve always thought. But when I wanted to leave after 9 years, I was given the opportunity to reorganize the support organization. Part of this included a new HR department, for which we were looking for leadership. That role actually appealed to me. I had never done it, so I thought I could do it. My life motto.”

Ellen came into contact with Allied Forces in her work. “It was love at first sight. Allied Forces’ approach immediately appealed to me. The love for the profession and respect for each other shines through.”

Ellen explains: “The Allied Forces method is inspired by the ideas of the Marine Corps. This fits very well in the Zuidas, where we also work hard as a team – often successfully – on ambitious missions.”

She should know, because that office strip has been Ellen’s “playground” for years. Now that she has started as an independent consultant and coach, she has the mission to conquer the Zuidas together with Allied Forces. “I am convinced that Allied Forces can bring something to the Zuidas that will lead to even better results. And – also important – it is inspiring and great fun to work together like this.”

Enough ambition, but Ellen puts things into perspective: “My family comes first. There is nothing I enjoy more than playing outside, with and without the children. Building sand castles, swimming in the North Sea, even when it is cold, and kite surfing. I don’t think anything of it yet, but it is the ultimate game.”